Sortilèges – Artwork of Elisabeth Ballet – University of Nantes (FR)

Artwork by Elisabeth Ballet for the University of Nantes (France) – 2019

Creation / Elisabeth Ballet
Engineering Design / Manufacturing / Installation / Métalobil
Mastery of work / Eva Albarran
Project Management / University of Nantes

>> Métalobil, design office and manufacturing workshop as part of a 1% artistic project by Elisabeth Ballet

“I have stretched bell-tower belts, window-window garlands, star-to-star chains of gold, and I dance.”


This sentence of Arthur Rimbaud, extracted from the Illuminations is installed on the roofs of the Tertre campus of the University of Nantes


The artist Élisabeth Ballet pays homage to this poem with her work Sortilèges and wished to provoke a take-off of the spectator: “The horizontality of the courses, the crossings from one site to another, the steps by levels, the sequences suspended in the course of the floors offering, a priori a multiplicity of perspectives to place a work representing the movement, adapted to the external environment. […] The architectural texture associated with that of the sound expression gave me the idea of ​​a polyphonic project by looking for resounding words that say aloud or murmur, related to the breath, the breath, its cadences and rhythms, they are musical, the words call, sing, howl , vibrate, shine, they are sound and signal how much they are alive and carrying energy that they diffuse around them, in space and in full voice, through the breath in the bodies. in echoes Arthur Rimbaud’s vibrant words draw images. ”


>> Métalobil, technical designer and director of artistic works / 1% artistic production

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