Space design workshop
The Workshop

Our 1500sqm workshop located in Les Sorinières has different multipurpose machines which can work with various materials: wood, metal and composites.

Our Workshop facilities:
2 3D-printers (Zortrax) / Circular saw-shaper (SCM) / Straightening planer for wood (SCM) / Dowel system with 3 pins (Schleicher) / Manual folding machine (Blombed) / TIG and semi-automatic welding stations (Castolin) / Metal-cutting band saw (Promac) / Vacuum pump 160m3/heure / Milling, drilling Machine (Sermac) / Various air-compressor units / Numerically-controlled machine tool 2x3m (SBC) / Radial arm saws (Festool, Dewalt, Lyon Flex) / Vertical panel saw (Streibig) / Membrane presser + furnace for heating 3.3×1.8m (Global) / Various power tools / Painting cabin equipped with an aspiration and extraction system / Forklift 1.2 tons (Fenwick) / Truck (Opel Movano)




So as to create a shape, the manufacturing chief works on the project with the research department as from the beginning. He’s the one who enables the designer to propose original shapes, singular materials, innovative and pragmatic techniques.


The project enters the workshop for the first prototypes. Once the client has accepted them, the manufacturing chief begins to handle the rest of the project: transformation of the materials, assembly, finish, delivery and final fitting.

All along the project, the client are welcome in our workshop to discover our manufacturing techniques and try experimentations with us.


Our machines can transform a lot of materials, but we are always trying to find new ones, which will last longer or which offer other interesting innovations. Our researches and tests also allow us to gain always more skills which will enrich our next creations.


A few examples of materials we use to date.


  • Wood:  chestnut, locust tree, birch…
  • Rattan
  • Metals: aluminum, stainless steel
  • Composites and synthetics: concrete, Corian, resins, foams, Krion…
  • Plants





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