Research department

Our research department is composed of projects directors and designers; their cooperation with the workshop creates what we call “design engineering”.


Research Department

Research Department & Support Functions:

4 network servers
15 computers (25 screens) + 2 laptops
3 internet connections ADSL 20Gb/s
1 projectors Acer Full HD
1 graphic tablet A4+

Softwares we use:

Microsoft Windows XP / Office Software Office suite XP
DTP : Adobe Suite CS2
Computer Aided Drawing : AutoCAD
CAD : Autodesk Inventor / SolidWorks with Simulation plugin
CAM : ArtCam



Metalobil consists of a research department and a workshop. Going by the name of «design engineering», this coexistence enables us to create, design and manufacture unique objects in the field of environmental design.


From the first sketch to the lasts technical documents, the research department studies the needs of the client, plan all the project, define a budget, bring the sketches to life, negotiate better prices and invent new techniques for innovative implementation.

The project director (or project manager or account officer) coordinates the team throughout the all project. He interacts with the clients and the workshop; he assures that the technicians are present as from the first sketches, and that the designer stays available until the final fitting.


Of course, the wishes of the clients can lead to various R&D needs. There are some examples of our research fields:

  • Modular structures
  • Dynamic, motorized, mechanical or automatized structures
  • Integration of technical facilities: lights, computers, acoustic devices, submersible furniture, augmented reality
  • Interactive device
  • Models
  • Projects with vegetation: dislocation of a natural meadow, Brancusi style columns supporting vegetables thanks to a self-watering system, suspended gardens…
  • Sanding treatment of surfaces, stencil, stamp, painting, adhesive…


Thanks to its plastic and technical innovations, Métalobil benefits from tax reductions given by the french bank for investment (BPI).