Creation of unique objects

Either draughtsmen, or designers, or manufacturers, our productions are systems enriching the landscape and the architechture.

Creation Team

Metalobil gathers artists, designers, architects, engineers, joiner, welders, locksmiths… Each of them is groomed for contemporary technologies and machinery: from the design with software to the manufacture of unique pieces in workshop, as well as their installation on site.  


Human Ressources:

Management / 2 managing partners:

  • 1 architect DPLG (research department and managing director)
  • 1 visual artist DNSEP (artistic and technical direction)

Research Department / 6 Engineering Designers:

  • 2 account officers DNSEP (project management)
  • 1 mechanical designer + account officer, Master in mechanical engineering & industrial creativity
  • 2 mechanical designers, architects DPLG
  • 1 engineering designer, Master in industrial design and mechanical engineering

Workshop / 3 team leaders in the workshop and on construction sites:

  • 1 technician BTS spatial design + CAP carpentry
  • 1 technician sound designer DNSEP
  • 1 technician welder locksmith CAP/BEP/BAC pro

Support functions / 3 persons work transversally for Metalobil:

  • 1 project coordinator, DESS production management and steering
  • 1 management assistant and accountant, Master in management information
  • 1 business developer, Master in business management


Between the research department and the workshop, everyone understands  the work of each other and take part in it.


As from the first sketches, and until the final fitting, a team is composed to be dedicated to a project according to this organization:


  • the project director: He’s the main point of contact between the client and the team; he coordinates all the actors of the project.
  • the designer: The drawer takes in account all the specifications given by the client to propose an original way to realize them, with the appropriate shapes, materials, and techniques.
  • the manufacturing chief:  He manages the team responsible for manufacturing the project, he works as from the beginning with the creator so as to clearly understand how the workshop could deal with all the constraints, the materials and the different steps of construction and delivery.


Creation of unique objects.