Submarine Base Chandeliers – Saint-Nazaire (FR)

Submarine base Chandeliers – Saint-Nazaire (FR) – 2018


Creation / 51n4e
Project Management / Bourbouze-Graindorge
Design Engineering / Manufacture / Installation / Métalobil
Contracting Owner / Sonadev



For Saint-Nazaire submarine alveolus rehabilitation we study the design and we manufacture 14 chandeliers.

They are 6 meters long and are dressed with varnished and brushed brass. The lightening is enabled by a led tape with a spreading cover (curved and thermoformed), and adjustable led spotlights.

The 14 chandeliers are motorized and programmed on various height stages.


Yesterday it was a wasteland, today the 12 alveolus is a transdisciplinary and events place.