In situ artwork at the Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud

Creation : Métalobil / Barreau-Charbonnet
Design Engineering / Manufacturing / Fitting : Métalobil / Barreau-Charbonnet
Customer: Abbaye de Fontevraud


Temporary and exceptional installation project in the ancient kitchens of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Fontevraud Abbey.

It was realized on the occasion of the exhibition “Cité Idéale, Bâtir Fontervraud” (Ideal city, building Fontevraud), which takes places form the 4th of June to the 4th of November 2016.


Nantes, May 2016 – From the 4th of June until the 4th of November 2016, the festival ‘La Cîté idéale’ is taking place in France at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. The theme: BUILDING AND LIVING the ideal city, invited 5 studios, collectives or associations to explore the intimate relationship between man and architecture. The studio Barreau et Charbonnet and Metalobil are fortunate to be one of them.

Freddy Bernard, co-founder of Metalobil, says: ‘ This space functions like a fireplace that takes the ideas out of our minds and leads us to imagine a thousand other uses as the original smokehouse. We could have imagined a Turkish bath, a giant still, a medieval astronomical telescope with 6 optics, five huge fish tails of the former Loire. But as strong young men, we preferred to mention that which revolves around the “saints”… and their moods.’.

A few numbers : 6.18m high  / 1.80m wide /  5 000 shingles  / 20 000 cuts  / 2 000 liters of wine




Our intention:


Trying to inhabit differently the old Roman style kitchens of the Fontevraud Abbey is not such a complex thing, because as soon as you enter, you can’t imagine using them for smoking fish any more. It’s really easy to conceive that this place could become a huge bathroom where each small fireplace would be transformed into an individual bath reserved for the lords and the large fireplace into a common pool for the beggars…



In situ artwork Abbey of Fontevraud