Science-fiction scenography for “Les Utopiales”:  Galactic Bricks – Nantes



Creation : DaBrick / Métalobil
Design Ingineering/ Manufacturing / Fitting : Métalobil
Customer : Les Utopiales



On the occasion of the sci-fi festival “Les Utopiales” in Nantes, DaBrick organized a competition of Lego spacecraft construction. Métalobil was asked to create a way to make them fly above the visitors.  Hence, we fixed a hundred of hooks hanging from the ceiling and the spacecrafts were hanged up gradually.


Let’s find out the results of this competition there.


On the last picture, from left to right: Damien Labrousse, founder of DaBrick; Jean-Marc Ayrault, current foreign minister, former prime minister and former mayor of Nantes (1989-2012); Roland Lehoucq, astrophysicist and president  of “Les Utopiales” festival.




DaBrick is a business specialized in creating models made out of LEGO bricks: they work for architects, private individuals and representatives. They also work for this project for the french national spatial research center in collaboration with Métalobil.



Les Utopiales is an annual and international sci-fi festival taking place in Nantes since 2000. Its objectives are to extend its accessibility for all and to make discover the fabulous worlds of space exploration and sci-fi imagination.