• Photo de l'exposition Nantes à Niigata

NANTES IN NIIGATA – Exhibition about Nantes

Exhibition about Nantes

Bijutsukan City Art Museum – Niigata – Japon / 2002


Creation : Métalobil / Tétrarc
Design Ingeneering / Manufacturing / Fitting : Métalobil
Customer : City of Nantes


Niigata is a twinned city of Nantes. To celebrate their union birthday, Tetrarc and Metalobil cocreated the scenography of an exhibition about the west side of France, and specifically the city of Nantes. The exhibition takes place in Japan, it’s an invitation for a sensual immersion. Huge coloured columns full of water expose images of the city, those lasts are created thanks to special movements of water driven by little machines installed inside each of the column. A soundtrack gathers noises and rumblings of the city. A wall is made out of 1 547 canned food. To pay hommage to the hospitality of our hosts, we put inside each can a gift from our region (LU biscuits, lily of the valley perfume, poetry written by Jean Rouaud, Waterman pencils, etc.). When spectators take an offering, an image backlit appears. Altogether they will constitute a huge puzzle of our agglomeration aerial view.